Hire “The Writing Dyslexic”

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced, and conceptualizing writer? Someone who will bring innovation and to the table? If you are searching for a writer that goes beyond the mediocrity, then you have clicked on the right link!

Who am I?

As a seasoned freelance writer with over 4+ years experience and 45+ published articles written; I specialize in a series of areas, writing styles, and possess the training necessary to get the job done efficiently.

Why choose me beyond all of the other awesome freelances out there?

Because choosing me means that you get all of the 100% original content/material, perks, and experience that comes with a professional writer without the major price tag.

Oh!? And, did I mention? English is my native tongue.

(An estimated 59% of the entire world’s population speaks or understands English in one way or another. And is the most spoken language in the world. My reach is almost endless to your audience.) Statista.com.

Expertise and experience in the field (But not limited to):

Media Composition, Short story writing, Website Creation, Editing, Word-Press,

SEO Optimization, Write a personal/professional Letter or E-mail, Digital Photography,

Tailored Social Media Posting, Pod-Cast/Voice Talent, Portfolio Building,

Acting, Accurate Research and Data collection, Screen-writing,

Ghost Writing, Reviews, Song Writing, and Poetry

My academic training as a ‘Communications BA’ makes me the freelance writer you need/want to competently create your requested objectives with ease.

Rates, Contact, and Other Info. to know:

*Depending on the project and time needed to complete, my salary and fees vary for each client.

– Usually I charge around $20.00 to $50.00 USD per 300 word articles or web-page.

– I always use Copyscape, and/or other tools in order to avoid plagiarism on both ends of the spectrum.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Knowing my worth as an artist and writer is something that will not allow me to charge less than, nor will I overcharge you for a product without the utilized effort incorporated.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!





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