Who as I am writer a?

Welcome to my swifty and, probably, in-proper and ungrammatically correct blog for those who suffer from dyslexia, like myself, but are still striving to become professional writers. I want to focus on topics that can help those who suffer from these types of reading/writing/learning disabilities, but will also boost you to still pursue your chosen and desired field.

Come along with me (a fairly new and engaging freelance writer) as I try to connect and gain employment throughout the journalist, publication, and literate world. I’ve tried before and have yet to make it through the door to any actual publications. Do you know what usually holds me back? It’s not my writing, as that has always drew the interest of my “potential” companies, but is usually my grammar and punctuation scores that are so simple third graders can top the charts.

I am going to find my way along this narrow and yet wide varied world of writing and finally land my first gig along the way. Walk along with me as I share stories of what inspires me, gives me hope, and even as I fail gloriously through this thing called life! Oh, and of course as I build a “characterized as me” writing portfolio to wow or bore the masses who decide to see if I have what it takes! I am: “The Writing Dyslexic!” (Who of course wants to become a professional…)