Top Five English Dubbed Anime’ to watch

Face it my amazing friends, and Anime’ fans! The English Dub revolution is here. The overrated debate of “dubs vs. subs” has been so overdone, you might as well call it fried. With too many reasons, for both sides of the argument, it all boils down to one thing. What do you like?

As a huge fan of most of the English Dub anime out there today. I always recommend that even the most seasoned Japanese anime fans give these five a chance. The art work is superb! The storylines excellent! And the voice actors for each one, give amazing performances that rival their Japanese counterparts. So without further “adu”, here is the list!

#5) ‘Naruto’ & ‘Naruto: Shippuden’ (5 out of 5 Shiruken)


In the shounen jump world, one of the most popular shows to come out of its shadows definitely has to be the Naruto Series. It features a young aspiring ninja orphan who only has one goal in mind. To become Hokage! We first meet the very childish ‘Naruto’ in The Hidden Leaf Village, and start to learn that this kid is way more than what he seems to be. (A snot nosed, prank dealing, annoying little punk.)

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to lose everything, but still hold on to everything. Then, this series would be a good place for you to start. Maile Flanagan does such a tremendous job voicing this character. And like other boy cartoon characters (Bart Simpson), this one too, is voiced by a great woman. No matter if you’ve finished the Manga, watched the Japanese Subbed version, or just never thought this one could be for you. Even though it is 640+ episodes long, I would get on viz media as soon as you can, in order to start taking this one in!

#4) Haibane Renmei ( 4 1/2 Halos out of 5)


My next pick, is probably one of the most unconventional on this list. It’s set somewhere in another timeline, on a very familiar planet. A small hamlet, that sits upon a hill, filled with regular everyday people. Is also home to a peculiar group of ‘humans’, called Haibane, in the guise of humble nuns.

In reality, these beings have wings, live in a group comprised of about 20, and are born into the world by ‘hatching”. Interested? well, the main character; Rakka (Carrie Savage), fell from the sky, and is the groups newest born. Take a chance on this show, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your heart grabs onto this one.

#3) Tsuritama (5 lures out of 5)


If you can’t tell already. I’m a fan of all things; “out of the ordinary” and fantastical. This show has all of the above and more! I would even go as far as saying that it’s a buddy adventure. This story follows four un-seemingly compatible friends; Yuki Sanada (Adam Gibbs), Haru (Clint Bickham), Natsuki Usami (Corey Hartzog), and Akira Agarkar Yamada (Josh Grelle). Each of them live in a very small island harbor town of, Enoshima, but none of them realize what lay in wait.

After Yuki transfers to the local high school, due to his Grandmothers inability to stay at one job. The geeky red haired kid, who usually keeps to himself. Since there really isn’t a point in making friends when they’re just going to get taken away. Finds that, with ‘people’ like Haru around, trying to stay alone and protect your feelings. Is impossible! The local bad boy, Natsuki, is also the local fishing prodigy, who like the rest, also wrestles with his past. If you want to know more about Akira though. You just have to watch!

Needless to say, this anime’ has everything! Adventure, high school drama, best friends, passion, and a twist that gives this wriggling little anime’ a huge bite! So, cast your mousse to the nearest Sentai Filmworks viewing room, and have yourself a catch of a lifetime!

#2) Angel Beats (5 out 5 of Souls)


Since we’re nearing the bottom of the list. You must actually have never seen any of these english dubbed anime! And if you haven’t, stop reading, and watch! Number 2 on the list another ‘make you feel’ kind of show. This one, is also a High School genre anime, but with such a twist. By the time you’re done watching, all of your tissues will be used up. (Not in the gross way either).

Everything first starts out, and brings our attention to a mysterious high school. We have no clue why were there, nor what exactly is going on. We meet Yuzuru Otonashi (Blake Shepard), and from there, things just start to go off like jiffy pop. Random new characters start to come out the cusp, guns start being pulled out and shot off. And our main character is thrusted into a “lost in Translation” scenario. But then, after a nice shootout between 10 students (They call themselves the ‘SSS”), and 1 ‘monitor/student council President’). The waters just start to get even more treacherous with each second from there on.

If you have never seen this Anime, I can’t even describe the adjectives and words that need to be said to you as a person right now. It’s only 12 episodes with a couple of OVA’s.. What I will say though, is that this is a bonafide masterpiece. The character design, the plot, the setting, and well just everything. WILL blow your mind away. It would be number one on my list. However, one other show just barely squeaks by with the top spot.

#1) Nabari no ou (5 out of 5 KI; watch the show to find out what that is)


We finally made it! This, my friends, is the end of the line. Even though most fans have seen the shows on this list more times than one should. This is a hidden gems ‘map’, for those who may have overlooked these treasures. Or sadly, may not have even heard of them before. This one, is pretty much one of the first series that I ever binge watched all the way through. Besides the very popular shounen we all love, Nabari no ou just called my name. And, I also blame ‘Samurai Champloo’.

In a very similar looking world, one like our own. We meet Miharu Rokujo (Brina Palencia). Yet, although another apethetic middle school student storyline (pattern anyone), the story is thrusted into the fantastical and unknown world of the shinobi, or Nabari! Many from Iga Village, want to use something super-duper powerful that resides in Miharu’ body. His protectors from the Banten Village (those who oppose Iga), Koichi Aizawa (Chris Burnett) and Tobari Kumohira (Sonny Strait), are there during his first attack. It is then, that Miharu learns of what exactly is going on.

Not to mention Yoite (Joel McDonald) really starts to stir the pot, and having his own reasons for growing close to the leading man. It’s got everything! Ninjas, I mean come on! Super powers, cute ladies, great voice acting, love, power, and every other ingredient that makes any manga or anime so delicious to mentally digest.

No matter your taste in anime, genre specifications, or acting preference. Each of the above listed shows give you what you need and more. Watch it again if you’ve already seen them. And if you haven’t watched all of them yet, especially dub fans.

Get to them now!