Is dyslexia a mental illness?

Not exactly.

Lets start by talking about what Dyslexia is. Psychologytoday.com says it’s correct label is a; “Learning Disability/Disorder.” So what does it mean biologically? Simply, that dyslexic brains are inherently different in how we see information. Although an imbalance does exist. It isn’t necessarily on the same scale as something like a ‘mood disorder‘, but can be linked to those symptoms in some cases.

An easy way to explain it’s hindrance, is that those who suffer from dyslexia, almost always struggle with academic work. It’s also misunderstood, and needs a larger base of awareness in our society. Now, psychiatrists put it’s parent label under a more ‘broad’ spectrum:

Specific learning disorder is a developmental disorder that begins by school-age although it may not be recognized until later. It involves ongoing problems learning key academic skills, including reading, writing and math.” Psychiatry.org.

As a suffer personally, I know all to well that the daily struggle is more than just something that can be fixed with medication or therapy. Dyslexia lives in my perception, and dictates how my brain computes. Almost everyone in their lifetime can experience these symptoms on a small scale, but not everyone may have to deal with this hindrance for all of their life.

What happens to a person when these symptoms occur is like trying to solve a puzzle, that you just don’t know is a puzzle at the time. Words change while writing, fonts can distort reading, and all math becomes more like ‘Einsteins Theory of Relativity’ with a flip of a switch that you don’t know is turned on.

No matter where one stands on understanding, or experiencing Dyslexia. What needs to be known, is that sufferers are treated like they’re disabled too often. Although the disorder does require extra assistance and focus for success more than most. It just means that the way Dyslexic’ see the world, shows them that with hard work, education no longer needs to be a chore nor a “cakewalk”. It can be something all their own.

It’s just time for the world to see that too.