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My Collective Thinking Novel: Introduction

Please enjoy my abstract writing.


Knowing ones advantages seem to lead to a person who is confident, or in some retrospect just arrogant. In my case I have always focused on what I need to change instead of what I should always pursue. My detailed mind has always led me to a point into where I view myself through a synopsis of what another human being would think of me. And of those who have seen me through emotional and downtrodden times there prospective of me is often completely jaded and painful. It’s as if they are not allowing the chains that have already broke to be gone. They seem to highlight my mistakes or wrong decisions into puzzling and shaping these things into who they think I am. Which in all honesty is one of the most frustrating things I deal with on a daily basis; especially since this is the first time in my life I have strive to reach beyond my normal dependence on my downfalls and labeled deformities.

I tend to jump into things fast, and in all honesty this can become a great strength and also a horrible trench in which I either climb out of, or stand on top of as if a mountain. But throughout the past year or so I have been granted discernment into which type of people I allow myself to grow close towards. I often find the internet an easy and horrible place to meet people, but it is an easy place for everyone to twist truth and form the illusion of which I really am, even myself at times. Why do I fight against those who want to form an uprising towards my character? All that does is to give them a segway to further along their lies, and to make me out to be as more of a liar than a truth speaker. When you hurt someone, the unfortunate outcome is for them to defend themselves in their own mind. And that is battleground no-one but Jesus has yet to truly master; especially within our own selves.