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Death is the addiction

We awake into a world where life is a possibility and death is inevitable. A wise man tells us that not everyone can live life, but everyone will leave it in death. Our whole lives, we always try to dodge what we know will eventually take us away. A part of being human, it never fully disguises the fact that our weaknesses seem to lead to trial. Although, when I look at a lot of my mistakes, they have taught me more about life then when I have succeeded.

Many human beings spend their whole lives fearful of change. Because when change comes to being we automatically believe that a lot of what we know we will be taken from us. No one wants to spend a life of always chasing the wrong thing right? Or do we just try to prolong what we call life everyday by staying where we are? I think it’s because everyone knows what happens in the beginning and end of life, but it’s the middle that ultimately scares our souls. We spend lifetimes doing what we see as nothing, but what really goes on is beyond a simple life in hindsight. The extraordinary existence we build on will always lead to one place, and for everyone it’s an end that not everyone feels comfortable with understanding.

We all are born into this world through a man and a woman, or in direct admission, another human being. Some may seem to be miraculous, and others mundane, but birth itself is a painful experience, not only for our mothers but for us. We are forced out of a comfort zone in the womb to partake in a place that doesn’t comfort us, it scares us. We cry physiologically to start the human machine and are born into a place with blind understanding. For those of us who have made it this far discover just how primal everything can become. It’s all a cry for help.

Anyone who pretends to fully understand what’s going on is completely false. They and everyone try to only understand what we can, and an end result interprets only to a small part of a picture in which we are all a part of. We are born to hate only because we can’t fully understand what exactly is going on. We look around us and adapt to this world and that adaptation can become the burden of our true purpose. We all stop short because of this hate! We hate what we don’t understand, and to find something that feels familiar is only an illusion. The illusion of living a purpose that can’t become fully developed because of the “sedatives” provided by our forefathers to help us cope.

The addiction lies in a place that can become comfortable, and the lies people use are only to feel like a native. If you look at it from the right angle you will see that we are all foreigners here trying to become native to something that just isn’t us. Were travelers, explorers, and love! What we inhabit now is a part of our purpose, but I believe we stop short because we can’t see past ourselves. Selfishness isn’t in our nature, survival instincts that we once needed are used against each other instead of helping. We use everything almost in the wrong way. Are we closer than we ever have been before? Yes, but we still need to accept the fact that everything in our lives is purposeful, not irrelevant